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What is Vibration Analysis?

assembly vibrationVibration analysis detects precursors to machine failure, allowing machinery to be repaired or replaced before an expensive failure occurs.

All rotating equipment vibrates to some degree, but as older bearings and components reach the end of their product life, they begin to vibrate more dramatically and in distinct ways.

Ongoing monitoring of equipment allows these signs of wear and damage to be identified well before the damage becomes an expensive problem.

Accurately monitor the health of your plant machinery

Vibration analyzers are the "eyes" of our monitoring process. We record machine vibrations using sensors such as accelerometers and tachometers.

Accelerometers are the "ears" of our instruments. Connected to rotating machinery such as electro-mechanical drives and gearboxes, accelerometers record vibrations and movements of the equipment.

All recordings are transferred to a computer and analyzed using software, which provides a display of the vibration waveforms.

We compare these recordings over time (trend analysis) and use the gradual development of new vibrations to detect wear at the earliest stages.

Decrease downtime and increase savings

This process is also known as condition monitoring, and it can result in huge cost savings compared to traditional maintenance methods.

Traditional maintenance methods are preventive - components are replaced according to a fixed schedule whether worn or not. Traditional maintenance methods are also reactive, repairing components only after they have broken down.

Although common throughout the heavy industry sector, preventive and reactive maintenance tend to incur higher costs than using condition monitoring. With proper analysis, replacement and repair can be done at optimum times to achieve the greatest service life of components and save time and money on a continual and long-term basis.

Service Expertise and Availability

ACT Associates offers complete service to identify and eliminate undesirable vibration in rotating machinery. This helps you manage the operations and costs in your plant more effectively. We are on-call 24 hours a day and will provide on-site analysis on a planned, yet flexible schedule to suit your needs.

We handle rolls, clutches, pumps, fans, motors, gears, compressors, and other rotating machinery. Potential problems addressed include:

  • Vibration
  • Defective or overheated bearings
  • Belt misalignment
  • Sheave wear
  • Noisy gear reducers
  • Bent shafts
  • Other identifiable areas