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ACT Associates Predictive Maintenance

Downtime due to inoperative rotating machinery costs plants millions of dollars every year in lost production, downgrades, and a loss of customers.

It is important to understand how rotating machinery performs in your facility, what causes downtime, and how you can identify and solve problems before they become major issues.

You can then reduce unscheduled downtime, improve production, and improve overall equipment reliability.

Where do we come in?

ACT's Predictive Maintenance Program combines the use of sophisticated equipment and computer analysis with an experienced, well-trained team of service experts. We can help develop and maintain a long-lasting and effective program for your rotating machinery to help predict and prevent failures. The combination of our skill and technology will give you the confidence to communicate to management when an asset is approaching impending failure.

With a Predictive Maintenance Program, ACT Associates allows you to do away with the worry and complexity of monitoring operations of support equipment by leaving it to the experts. We have decades of experience in on-site analysis and servicing of industrial fans, rolls, compressors, and other rotating machinery for commercial, institutional, manufacturing, and processing plants.

Our service technicians are confined-spaced certified so they can provide field service for virtually any facility safely and efficiently.

Our Data Acquisition System literally predicts the future by monitoring equipment vibration patterns and submitting them to sophisticated computer analysis. The benefits to you are significant: 

  • Save money by identifying and solving minor problems before they become major, costly breakdowns.
  • Prevent losses due to unnecessary breakdowns in production lines.
  • Proactively schedule routine maintenance to adapt to your schedule, thus minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
  • Identify patterns and trends in equipment efficiency and reliability to anticipate less costly preventive repairs as opposed to unanticipated equipment failures.
  • Help comply with ISO and other quality control documentation standards.
  • Gain the peace of mind that comes from advanced preparation instead of sudden crisis reaction.

ACT Associates offers flexible and planned maintenance schedules, on-site analysis, preventive maintenance, and is on-call 24 hours a day.

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