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Data Acquisition

ACT Associates provides comprehensive data acquisition services to enable you to take pro-active measures regarding industrial fan maintenance issues. The goal is to help you avoid unplanned downtime and reduce long-term repair and operating costs.

On a scheduled basis, we will analyze your equipment, keep detailed records, and recommend maintenance or parts replacement. We have a basic checklist for our fan analysis program that targets common causes of problems and provides suggested remedies to help you achieve optimal fan performance.

The areas below are a quick guide to common vibration problems. More complex causes and remedies are presented on an individual basis if needed.

Basic checklist for vibration analysis
There are two types of vibration: forced and free.

Free vibration
A body will vibrate freely at one or more of its natural frequencies if its equilibrium is disturbed by an external force.

Forced vibration
The result of rotating unbalance.

Vibration is measured in millimeters (1 mil = 0.001 in.). Vibration amplitudes are checked on the outside of the bearings, in vertical, horizontal, and axial directions.

Vibration amplitude
A small vibration amplitude is unavoidable, but a larger amplitude will reduce bearing life and should be corrected. The acceptable amplitude depends on the speed of the rotating part.

Possible causes of excessive vibration:

  • Build-up of dirt or other foreign matter
  • Loose housing bolts, bearings or motor
  • Belt drive alignment, belt tension or inadequate sheave balance
  • Aerodynamic forces
  • Bearing locking collars may not be tight
  • Shaft may be bent

Possible solutions for excessive vibration:

  • Check the set screws
  • Check for damage by foreign matter
  • Consider whether the vibration may be coming from another source
  • Check for sufficient clearance between the fan wheel and the inlet cone

Other areas covered in basic checklist

  • Noise emanating from the fan housing, V-belts, or bearings
  • Overheated bearings
  • V-belt tensioning
  • Air performance
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